These are some of the many things we do at OBRES I SERVEIS ROIG.

We have a new loader

We continue to expand and renovate our machinery fleet. The latest acquisition has been this state-of-the-art loader that will allow us to move dirt and debris quickly and efficiently. It will be especially useful for projects related to earthworks, urbanization and demolition, which are increasingly in demand. The whole WORKS team I…

We expand our own fleet of machinery

In recent days we have acquired two new boxes for our trucks. This investment in new machinery will allow us to be even more agile in the transport of earth, debris and materials in all the projects we are carrying out in our environment. In the photo you can see one of the new boxes, with large

We are committed to electric vehicles and sustainable mobility

We are committed to our environment and our planet. We minimize the generation of waste, we recycle everything we can and we also try to move by the most sustainable means. That is why we have installed a charging point for electric vehicles at the door of our offices, and we are replacing the fleet with…