From our facilities in Sant Vicenç dels Horts, every morning and before the sun rises, about a hundred people leave to work on the different projects we carry out throughout the territory.

This is how we work. This is how we do good works.


The projects are carefully analyzed by our teams of engineers, architects and surveyors. All details are systematically reviewed.

Our goal: to meet the needs of customers by providing the maximum possible added value and within the agreed terms and conditions.

Instal·lacions corporatives


In demolition we guarantee fast, efficient and clean work; minimizing the impact on neighbors and the environment.

We have our own highly specialized equipment and machinery; we apply strict safety and quality protocols and take care of waste recovery or management.

Enderroc a Sant Boi de Llobregat


Other urbanization projects require major landslides.

To leave the land exactly as requested by the client, we integrate our surveyors into the work equipment and allocate the specific machinery suitable for this type of work.

Moviments de terres a Vilanova del Camí


The construction phase always follows exactly the deadlines agreed with the customer. We are on site, stepping on the ground.

We put the best materials in the hands of our experienced managers to achieve projects with impeccable finishes.

Moviments de terres a Vilanova del Camí


We consider the projects finished once we have carried out a thorough final inspection.

We apply the maximum requirement throughout the process. We devote all the necessary resources to make the relevant quality controls to ensure the safety and durability of what we have built.

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The result? The transformation of spaces for a future full of opportunities. We like to see how our work translates into quality environments, environments that invite us to live them.

OBRES I SERVEIS ROIG, a company with roots and committed to what surrounds it. A good company that does good deeds.

Urbanització al carrer Austràlia de Badalona